Let there be dry

The crewWell, half the barn is roofed. We have a whole crew to thank; our son Lorr , neighbor Gary, Wad’s brother Walter, my friend Mindy’s husband Wayne, Lorr’s friends Austin and Roy. The other half is going to have to wait. We’ll need another $300 of sheathing before we can resume roof construction.

Wad and I spent yesterday stacking lumber in the dry side of the barn and moving things in the living room, getting ready to install the rocket mass heater. The bookshelves we use for our movie collection are now on a different wall. My jungle has been shoved further into the corner and the living room has been roughly rearranged. I’ve got lots yet to do, but now I have the room to roughly lay out the components of the rocket heater. I’ve got commitments for the next three days, so will get back to this when the weekend hits.

Terry’s got not quite half the foundation dug for the sun room. We’re going to need more gravel.

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