And after a pause . . .

I’m SO ready to get on with construction, but life keeps getting in the way.  I’m waiting on Terry’s help to get the last grade beam poured.  I’ve got everything except the form ready to go.  Once the grade beam’s done I can get on with myriad other tasks that must be completed before the south wall of the sun room can be constructed.

By the numbers I have to . . .

  • lay the landscape cloth and spread the pile of gravel around so I can
  • dig a trench to carry the water and power lines for the laundry room
  • replumb the hot water line to a smaller sized pipe
  • replumb in the incoming cold water supply to T into the supply line
  • jack up the corner of the living room and install a support beam

I’ve got other jobs to do as well.  I need to replumb the shower drain so it goes out with the washing machine drain.  I need to route the power for the laundry room so it goes through the wall on the other side of the building.

I’ve still got lots to do.

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