Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Well, all the modifying, moving and insulating has served us well.  We got to a low of 11 degrees without frozen water pipes.  Last year we got down to 17 and scrambled to get the pipes thawed.  This year was MUCH better.  Between moving and reinsulating the pipes, shortening the incoming water line and moving the cat door, we’re now in much better shape to handle the cold.  The pipes stayed thawed without having to run water continually through the coldest nights.

Between last post and this, we’ve moved both power and phone.  I really like the new phone location for a couple reasons.  The incoming line is no longer on my desk.  Instead, I have the very small satellite unit on my desk.  That means I don’t have to pull my headphone attachment off the phone to hang it up.  Secondly, because the base unit is now hanging on the wall in the living room, we’re not constantly knocking the satellite unit off the table between our chairs.  Progress!  I should have done this originally.  Duh.

We still have to install the support beam under the corner of the living room.  We got close, but the weather beat us up and spit us out.  We’ll get there . . . assuming the 2 feet of snow melts.

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