More pumphouse planning

Wadly and I were talking yesterday about the ability to do a bigger chunk of wall each time we worked.  To accomplish this, we need to be able to make bigger batches of eps-crete and have bigger/more forms.  I see both of these as being very doable.

Because the eps-crete can be packed into the wall from just one side, there’s no reason the other side can’t have a full height form.  Because the packing has to be done is section depths of about a foot to insure full coverage (no voids), multiple forms would be required for the working side if lots of height is to be achieved in one work session, but that isn’t a problem.  The forms are very light and can be put in place in minutes and can be made out of scrap.

The key to doing a bigger chunk of wall at a time is the mixing.  A mortar mixer is going to be necessary.  A regular cement mixer will not work as the mix is so light it doesn’t mix.  The paint sticks to the side of the barrel and never mixes in.  Doing a whole wall by mixing one wheelbarrow at a time just isn’t efficient of time or effort.

At some point I should push for us to purchase a mortar mixer.  I see the need.

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