Papercrete? What about papercrete?

What if . . . instead of using ferrocement for the inside layer of our home’s gross construction (remember . . . tilt-up preconstructed in layers from inside to out) I use papercrete? I really don’t need reinforcing on the inside, just a surface layer so I don’t have to do anything except run wiring, add fixtures and slap on paint. So why not papercrete? It would lighten the wall considerably and save on the cost of unnecessary reinforcing.

This SO sounds like a good plan . . .

For the interior walls that don’t need 6″ of insulation I could lay a layer of burlap on my form, run my boxes and conduit and “pour” a wall. I will have to try this . . .

I still need to find non-conductive button type connectors to fasten the inside layer of ferrocement/papercrete/fibercrete to the outside structural layer.

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