Tilting up a tiltwall

One of the details to flesh out is how to get the wall upright and into place. As I research this process I’m certain it will take a variety of techniques.

In what I’ve been reading on preconstructed concrete panels I think the standard layup is outside layer, insulation, then inside layer. In the Pinkcore literature it’s the inside wythe that’s applied last and has the integrated lift bolts. This is reverse of what I intend. I want my inside walls flat and smooth so no additional finishing is required once the panels are up and connected together. I want my structural wythe layed last so my lift bolts are attached to the ferrocement reinforcing.

If I’m composing the panel on a layup table, using the table to tilt and support the panel until it is upright and supported by whatever device will support the panel until it is maneuvered into place sounds like a reasonable plan. Using the table to get the wall upright will reduces the stress on the panel and the connectors between the facia and structural wythes.

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