The wonders of ferrocement and other neat stuff

I’m a bit of a “want to know it all” and am constantly reading to expand my pool of knowledge. I ran into a great technical paper on ferrocement. Then I ran into something really charming, the architecture of Roger Dean. How very cool! But the outside is relatively grotesque. It would be okay if it were completely earth sheltered so the lack of harmony of the exterior could be hidden.

Here’s a link to another architect whose buildings are quite fanciful. And this guy does really nice stuff.

This is very cool! A panel built cantilevered veranda roof in India! I wish there were more photos so I could see what the barrel parts of the mold was used for. At a guess I’d say it’s for water collection/storage.

Here’s a paper presented at the Structural Faults and Repair conference in Edinburgh Scotland in 2006. Really fascinating reading.

This is a bit of a side trip, but remember the reciprocal roof thing? Here’s da Vinci’s take on it. VERY interesting. Click through and read the whole article. I kept saying “Wow” as I worked my way through.

Every once in a while I run across what I call “painful architecture”, or architecture so ugly only its designer/builder could love it. With little more effort or expense it could be cute, though it would probably never be elegant, classy or on the cover of Architectural Digest.

This page has a strawbale house at the bottom that has a lot of aesthetic appeal. There’s a balance to the structure that’s very attractive. It’s not square, it’s elegant, it has a sense of chic. Very nice. Look at the next to last image on this page. It’s lovely! A little extra effort really makes a difference.

This is really cute! They’re domes, but they’re dressed up and look really cute! I’d love to see this roof and dormer treatment done on a concrete dome. The break in the roofline makes all the difference, and the shape of the dormers is far superior to anything I’ve seen on a hard shelled dome.

As this post is a conglomerate of things, I want to include a link for the skylight/suntubes I like.

This link’s got some great architectural examples. Some I positively drooled over. This guy really knows his stuff. Too bad he’s in New Zealand.

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