Presummer not-so-blues

The weather’s been the typical “is it spring yet” diva.  One day it’s 75° and I’m running around with the truck windows open and the next it’s cold and depressingly wet and Chuck won’t come out from under his sweatshirt.  Welcome to the northwest.


The shop after the leantos had been stripped off and before the guys started lifting it.

A lot has happened since I posted last.  Wadly (venerable spouse), Terry (neighbor) and Lorr (son) jacked up the shop to move it from its original resting place.  In the process of putting the trailer under it to move it, the shop got bumped and crashed to the ground on top of the big log rounds that were holding it up.  This abrupt descent crushed in the floor in two places.   Picture me, your humble home builder/planner and semi-dutiful wife doing a happy dance around the now dead shop.  Wadly promised it would go away once he had the roof on the barn and his shop set up therein.  The welsher changed his mind, deciding he would move it to the back of the barn (in full view of the someday new house).  Ha!  Guess karma showed him.  Lorr, Terry and I are all snickering behind our hands.  Wadly’s pretending not to notice, but as he’s the one who tipped the shop of the blocks, he can’t say much.

The new plan is to deconstruct the old shop in place.  I’m ready with weenies and marshmallows for the bonfire.

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