First steps


Terry (neighbor) manning the shovel

With the debacle of the shop move fresh in our minds, Wadly, Terry and I moved the laundry room out of the way of our new building project.  This building was light enough to sling with straps, something the shop wasn’t.   Terry swung it around and placed it on blocks at the back of the Airstream, accessible but out of the way for the new construction.  After a day of rest I reinstalled the metal roofing we removed prior to the move adding new tar paper underneath.

I’ve got the stakes in the ground to run my leveling string for the new foundation.  Wadly’s got brother Tom’s cement mixer.  I’ve got my floor plan and my building plan and everything but the concrete and rebar which I won’t pick up until we’re ready to pour the grade beam!  It’s time to get out the shovels and get to work . . . weather permitting.

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