Shark Bite

If you look back through the posts from last fall you’ll see I mentioned using Shark Bite pex fittings in my replumbing of the laundry room.  I am such a huge fan of these fittings.  They are more expensive than standard pex fittings, but they require no extra tools and the fittings can reused innumerable times.

The laundry room move changed the length of the hot and cold water runs to the Airstream, shortening them by about 5′.  I didn’t have to buy a thing.  I cut the lines using a hammer and sharp butcher knife against a wood block (produces a clean end necessary for a good seal), undid the Shark Bite fittings and slid them on the newly cut ends.  Rerouting and reconnecting the lines was a few-minutes-zero-cost job.

In this one plumbing change, the fittings paid for themselves.  I’ll be able to use these fittings again when I’m done with the current application.  I see this as money well spent.

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