Temporary roofing

Wadly and his brother built a roof over the Airstream to keep the rain and sun off.  One side of the roof is fastened to the living room, the other rests on posts and pier blocks.  The lumber came from left overs and recycled bits from the carports Wadly disassembled when he was preparing to move his shop. The new roof is put together with screws so it can easily be taken apart.  The roofing is a combo of green and creme, channeled and ripple, but it’s gonna keep us cool/warm/dry and it’s temporary.  From a distance it doesn’t look too bad . . . <grin>

Just today Wadly filled the roof vents of the Airstream (a HUGE source of heat loss) with foam and screwed solid covers on.  We’re having a spate of cooler weather and I can already feel a difference.  I won’t appreciate it so much during the bits of warmer weather, but I can’t blame Wadly for not wanting to wait until fall.  It doesn’t get that warm here that we will be uncomfortable during the rest of the summer.

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