Under cover

Saturday we had a lovely visit from my brother and his wife.  ‘Twas great.  While Vala and I worked on a website to show off their award winning Mastiffs, Dan and Wadly unloaded all the lovely stuff Dan brought me.  I have plastic 25 gallon barrels, lots of different sized plastic and poly pipe, fittings and other lovely stuff.  Dan also brought a stainless shaft for my papercrete mixer that matches the shaft size on the gearbox.  He’s going to make a sleeve to connect the shaft to the gearbox.  That gets me one step closer!

Yesterday Wadly and I got the awning over the garden window and glass door to the deck covered with polycarbonate.  Progress!  The flashing’s on and most of the gutter.  I have a two foot section of gutter left to install as well as a down spout and some magic with billboard vinyl to handle end runoff.  The way it is now will greatly improve things, but it does need the final touches to finish it up.

I’m not expecting much more progress for a while.  Terry’s old boss called and wants Wadly to work part time.  <sigh>

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