Sun porch progress

We’ve actually been working on the sun porch!  I know that’s a bit of a shock, but progress is being made.  Wadly and I got one of the sill plates bolted down, erected the final corner post and got one of the headers up.  One header to go and we can start hanging rafters.  I have neither a speed square nor an angle gauge so I punted with a piece of cardboard and a level.  We’ll see how accurate I was when we get the . . . oops.  It’s a good thing I stopped to tell you about it.  I just realized the error of my method.  The angle’s going to be wrong.  I need a scrap of rafter (full dimension fir) to set under the string at the downhill end.

The weather should be good today so I’ll get that done first thing.  Yesterday before the rain hit I got some of the outdoor plants trimmed and the rebel canes of the climbing rose strung properly over the top of the arbor.  Wadly doesn’t like being grabbed when he whips through with his riding mower.  I can’t imagine why.

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