Giving Credit

I’ve been reading and rereading information on tiltwall construction and want to take just a minute to give credit.

In my initial reading of Elpel’s page on Nick’s tiltwall stone faced house I missed the bit regarding setting the walls on pier blocks. This is the second reference I’ve found to making tiltwall construction monolithic by pouring the foundation after the wall is tilted into place.

I have now found a second reference to using a tilt table to support a wall into the upright position. Interestingly enough, the reference is for the front wall for the Zion Methodist Church in Illinois built by Robert Aiken in 1908. I found an image showing the tilt table in a Brazilian PDF on tiltwall construction. The PDF is 85 pages long, and the tilt table can be seen on page 15.

There is a wealth of interesting stuff in the above PDF. Look at page 69. Beautiful! Look at the innovative use of half-pipe roof tiles on page 71. And page 81 shows tanks being constructed using tiltup construction and the panels being joined by rebar and poured in place concrete! This is SO totally cool!

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