Sun Porch Roof

Terry and I got the sun porch roof finished. It’s AWESOME. We’ve got one glass panel in the south wall and one to go.  We’ll keep pecking away as weather permits.

I still have to figure out what I’m going to do with the north wall. I wanted to use eps-crete, but finding a way to grind the foam is proving to be problematic. I’m going to talk to Lorr (son) when he comes today to see if he is willing to fabricate something. I don’t see it being complicated. We’ll see what he says.

If I use papercrete, I’m going to have to parge (word is NOT in my dictionary!) the sun porch side to keep it from absorbing moisture AND I’m going to have to build a retaining wall (also on the sun porch side) where the wall has to be backfilled.  I really want eps-crete for the wall.

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