RMH Workshop

Riser in place and base for barrel in the works

Working through the exhaust port detail

Mocked up exhaust port

Making sure the barrel is properly supported

With barrel added and fire started

Nice clean burn, good draft

Without an insulated riser, once the barrel warmed up, draft was lost and smoke-back was unfixable

Knocked apart when the test was over

Last weekend I attended a rocket mass heater workshop put on by Ernie Wisner and Erica Ritter.  I learned SO much!  You cannot imagine!  I’m going to try and cover a very small portion of what I learned.

I learned I will not be able to use all the lovely free stainless steel ducting in the construction of my rocket mass heater.  Some I will re-purpose to improve air circulation between rooms.  Whatever I have left won’t go to waste.  You know me, I’ll find a use for it.

I spent the night at Ernie and Erica’s on the RMH bench in their living room.  My hips loved the heat.

My RMH requirements are a bit out of the norm, so I took my parts with me to do a bit of testing to see where I would have issues.  The whole process was extremely educational.  The pics on the left are thumbnails.  You’ll need to click the thumbnail to see the detail.

In addition to the four paying attendees was an awesome and ever changing group of young people known collectively as “the legs”.  You will see bits of them in the photos of my rocket mass heater test.

I’ll post more later.

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