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RMH with permit - installed in the Dana Annex

One of the points of discussion at the rocket mass heater workshop was how to get RMHs permitted by local government.  RMHs aren’t a wood stove, they aren’t a masonry stove and unless you’re a RMH aficionado, which city and county permitting departments generally aren’t, getting a permit to get one built and approved is a fairly steep road.

Ernie Wisner and Erica Ritter have been working toward getting the basic RMH tested and approved.  They were able to get a permit for the RMH installation in the Dana Annex but the county/city hasn’t yet signed off on it.

To get the rocket mass heater design approved, emissions need to be certified by an accredited lab.  With the stove technology certified, the permitting process for all of us becomes much easier.  We need to get this technology transitioned from *experimental* to tested, something all of us who want to install a RMH need.

Toward that end, I have seeded a fund for testing and certifying the rocket mass heater but funding the project is something I can’t do this alone.  I need your help.  If you are an alternative building person, you understand how important it is to get the technology we advocate recognized and approved.  It’s we, the little people, who are going to make this happen.  If you think RMHs are fascinating, contribute and be part of the development of this technology.

If you can squeeze some money out for this project, be assured it will be used wisely.  Donations earmarked for Testing Fees will be used specifically for the costs associated with certification using an EPA-certified lab or university.  Certification gets us a big step toward an accepted permitting process.

Donations specified for use in general research will be used for the purchase of refractory materials, water-heating parts and other materials needed to develop test builds.  This is research from which we will all benefit.

PayPal your donation to  When you donate, designate whether you want your funds to be used for RESEARCH or TESTING FEES.  Please help me support this worthy project.

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