Terry’s Choice

We’re snowed in . . . again/still.  Here in the Pacific Northwest, the longest we’ve ever been snowed in previous to this has been just a couple days . . . and we’re going on two weeks.  It’s a good thing I’m going through a hermit phase . . . I’m not saying we can’t get out, but when Terry has to put chains on the log truck to get out of the yard to get to work, you know we’ve got snow.  My little pickup is parked where I can’t get it out until the snow melts, but I’m not feeling a pressing need to go anywhere, so I’m not feeling stressed.   If I have to get out I can take the land yacht (4wd 1 ton crew cab).

As of this morning we’re on our second 6″ layer of the white stuff.  In the spots that are slow to melt it’s quite a bit deeper, the melted bits are at about 5″.  Of course it’s piled up in big piles around my pickup where it snowed and slid off, snowed and slid off.  At this point opening the doors would be a challenge.  And it’s still snowing . . .

I’ve been working on solar house plans.  It makes Terry happy for me to work on something that’s a conventional shape. <rolls eyes at Terry> 

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