Test fire

The day before yesterday Wadly and I test fired the sawdust stove out in the yard.  It really does work exactly as acclaimed.  We used fairly damp cedar sawdust (it’s what we had).  I had a little trouble getting it lighted (learning curve) but it burned just fine once it was lit.

Wadly’s planning to burn the paint off so it’s safe to light indoors.

You might want to check this out.  A person commenting on a previous post turned me onto a forum thread about a sawdust stove being used in a wood shop.  Thanks Nancy.

In future I hope to have dry hardwood sawdust to burn.  Keeping us supplied is going to be Wadly’s job.  Right now we have two stove loads of cedar sawdust.  That will do to get us started, but it won’t last beyond a day or two.

Note to self; learn how to braze and find your your anvil.

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