You know you’re not alone when . . .

Judy of the woods do-it-yourself desk chair.

I occasionally do mad spates of research.  This morning I was trying to find a comfortable and supportive desk chair solution.  I spend hours at a time sitting at my desk and finding a chair that supports me properly is proving to be difficult.   That’s not the reason for this post.

In looking at desk chair images, I ran across the lovely image to the left.  This sort of thing makes me smile.  It’s an excellent example of someone thinking outside the box!

Judy’s chair struck a chord.  My current desk chair is being held in a relatively comfortable position by a length of cord, a cargo strap and a length of mountain tape (1″ wide flat nylon tube).  I’m not perfectly comfortable, the chair is still tipped a bit too far back, but I am *more* comfortable than I was before the cord, cargo strap and length of mountain tape.

The moral of this tale is, when we can get beyond vanity to cost effective function, we truly have come to the point where we can be thrifty and self-sufficient.  Judy of the woods looks to be a sister of my heart.  Check out her blog.  There’s a lot of interesting stuff there.

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