Revisiting Foundations

I’ve got some old pressure treated beams earmarked for the skid foundation of the chicken house.  Once Terry drags them out from under the maple tree I’ll get to work notching and installing the 2″ rough cut cross members.  I can’t do any concrete work until our weather warms a little, but can have everything in place and ready to go ahead of time.

I’ve planned for a ferrocement floor.  I’ll spread a ¼” layer of cement on the platform, press my reinforcing into the cement and cover it completely by working cement into the reinforcing from the top.  This will ensure the reinforcing is completely encapsulated.  Because the floor area is so small I don’t have to get carried away about this, but it’s my opportunity to play with ferrocement and I want to take it. 

I still have to create a short stemwall that will keep the papercrete up off the floor and away from the damp or add something to the papercrete to make it impervious to water for the first ~4″.

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