Good rant . . .

Someone on one of my member lists made a comment about good stuff being just for the “deserving rich”. The comment set me off and it was such a good rant I thought I’d share here. And without further ado . . .

There IS no such thing as ‘undeserving rich’. The rich got that way by either working hard, being smart of having ancestors who worked hard and/or were smart. I’m not saying they came by their riches honestly, but lottery winners aside, they worked for it. You can have whatever you’re willing to work for. You can sit back and whine about elitist rich or you can get off your ass and WORK . . . assuming your goal is to be wealthy.

Nothing pisses me off faster than the socialistic tendency to stick a taking hand into the pocket of the wealthy because they have more than anyone else. They have more than anyone else because they worked harder, were smarter or worked harder AND were smarter. Bill Gates is an excellent example. If being wealthy is what floats your boat, you’d better get crackin’.

What we (collectively) want to do is bitch about what we don’t have instead of work to have what we want. Stop wasting time bitching and get crackin’ if there’s something you want that you don’t have.

I don’t have a desire to be wealthy. I don’t think I’d be a very nice person if I were wealthy. I’m impatient, intolerant, not always polite. Wealth would amplify those less than meritable tendencies to a completely unpalatable level.

My preference is comfort without debt. I want to be warm and dry, healthy and well fed. I want to work at an interesting job to pay for the things I can’t make or barter. I want to have a little bit extra to invest wisely for troubled times. With all that and good health I will consider myself the wealthiest person around.

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