The “real” cost of our EPS-crete wall

The forms in the picture in the previous article would not be sufficient for regular cement but work just fine for EPS-crete.  I built the forms by screwing particle board to the narrow edge of a 2×4 and fastening that assembly to the posts framing the EPS-crete wall.  I made the forms non-stick by stapling slip sheet (plastic coated cardboard) to the forms as a liner.  I should be able to take the forms apart and use the components for something else at some point in the future.

Most of these materials were what we already had.

We got a stack of 11″ wide x 8′ long pieces of oriented stand board left over from someone’s construction project. We’ve slowly been finding uses for them. We went from having a 5′ stack to having only a few left.  I’m a bit surprised they were used so fast given the awkward size and less than ideal material.  I don’t think we got them more than two years ago.

The 2x4s are 12′ long and were reclaimed from somewhere, though I can’t say exactly where.  Wadly probably took something apart.

The slip sheets are used on top of pallets to protect grain sacks and are free for the asking at our local feed store.  Wadly brings them home to lay on for vehicle maintenance.

I purchased the 6-6-10-10 wire last year for this project, it just took me a long time to get to it.  The method for grinding the EPS was the holdup.

The tie wire holding the two pieces of 6-6-10-10 together is recycled fencing wire we’ve had since the 80’s. The 6-6-10-10 reinforcing wire is held to the posts using fencing staples that were from . . . I think they came from Wadly’s father’s estate a couple decades ago. Maybe.  I know we’ve got way more than we will EVER use and we didn’t pay for them.

The tar paper’s fairly new . . . only a year or so old, I think.

Terry has a plastic barrel he puts in pickup and gets it filled with sand at the local concrete plant for $15.  Dry sand is something we always have on hand.

So, looking at the big picture, we bought the tar paper, reinforcing wire, cement and sand.  We just didn’t buy anything specifically for this project except the reinforcing wire and the cement.

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