Grinding EPS indoor requires a mask

I did two things yesterday.  I ground 4 large black garbage bags of EPS and I opened old latex paint cans and combined them into a 5 gallon bucket ready for our next spate of wall building.

This morning I woke up with gurgley lungs.  At a guess I’m going to say it was grinding the EPS indoors.  We moved the grinder into the old shop so I could work regardless of the weather.  I could smell the fumes from the EPS as it was torn into little bits.  All the latex opening and dumping was done outside and the fumes weren’t noticeable.  My guess, the EPS grinding.

So, here’s my advice.  Either grind your EPS outdoors or wear a mask.  I’m wearing a mask next time I take on the grinding.

One more note.  I’m going to have to make a foam cutter to size the bigger pieces of foam for running through my grinder.  Per past research I’m going to use a dimmer switch (the kind you use for dimming room lights), a length of wire (can’t remember the type but will note it here when I find it) and a weight.  I’ll also need a couple lengths of wire and a wire with plug for electrifying the whole affair.  I’ll post pics as I go.

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