More wall

2nd pour, a nice consistent bluish gray. First pour, yeah, not so much.

The first pour is red and four different shades of pink/white. The second pour is a consistent bluish gray.  None of the color will be visible as it all gets a skim coat.  I’m using lime plaster inside the bedroom and burlap dipped in cement slurry on the sun porch side.

I like this stuff. Epscrete is easy to mix, easy to work with and easy to clean up after.  It makes great thermal mass insulation.  That’s not as much as an oxymoron as you’d think.

This wall is ~6″ thick.  It is the dividing wall between the sun porch and the future bedroom, both conditioned spaces.  All the outside walls will be 10″ thick.

For reference, This much wall (~10″x12′) was mixed in 3½ batches.  I don’t think Wadly and I were out there more than an hour and a half and that included cleanup.

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