Do we rock or what . . .

Terry, bless his heart, has been lugging my gearbox around trying to find someone who could/would press the t-bar blade attachment off the gearbox . . . with absolutely no joy. He kept hearing “can’t”, “can’t without heating it up and ruining the seals”, “can’t without breaking, wrecking, damaging” . . . I am SO tired of people who are totally unable to think outside the box or are unwilling to go that extra step. Picture me shaking my head in total frustration at the inability of people who should be able to apply a little problem solving logic yet can’t.

Gearbox disassembled!So Terry and I stood looking at the gearbox and applied a little home grown logic. We hung the gearbox from the bucket of the tractor, hung a little hydraulic jack off the bottom with chains with the jack’s business end at the point where the bolt fastened the T to the gearbox. Between jacking and a little judicious banging, we handily removed the T-bar. What was so f’ing hard about that? With a hydraulic press/heavy duty gear puller we could have done it in about 5 minutes. Doing it at home and jury-rigging our own press using chains and a whimpy 1.5 ton hydraulic jack, it took us about half an hour. Picture me rolling my eyes at the “can’t”s.

Terry’s going to pick up the mixer tank on Monday. I’ve still got to find someone who will weld together the trailer for me. Once it’s welded we can start assembly. I also need to find a seal for the gearbox shaft and pack the gearbox with gear grease.

Getting closer!

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