Small tasks still equal progress

Yesterday we got a lot of little things done. Terry and I got the fittings installed on the solar water conditioning tank. We also picked out the window for the insulating box. I’ve got to retrieve a loaned tool so Terry can build the box. Unless I want to make the box out of papercrete . . . that would be a hoot.

We also got the flap cut for the mixer’s exit port. Terry cut the flanges for the inner tube that will make the snout. He should be able to get the holes cut in the tank today. I’m short the necessary hinges for the flap. Terry thought he had a couple appropriate hinges in his stash, but no joy.

I ordered 100 feet of shade cloth yesterday. I still have to get concrete lath, rebar, cement and a pipe to use for a drive shaft extension. The shaft on the gearbox is 1 3/8. The receptacle on the business end of the universal drive is 1 1/4.

Terry’s working to get the double universal drive line off the auger. It’s been attached since we bought it, so it’s going to take a little bit of fussing to get it loose.

Terry and I brainstormed on the papercrete forms and we have a method we want to try. It’s a little complicated, so we’ll test it. If it works like we think it will we’ll take pics and post the result.

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