Successful scavenging

I stopped in at Olympia Salvage, one of our local reuse places, yesterday.  I came away with a few things.  I got a Jennair cooktop I’m hoping I can convert to lp, 38 used fire bricks and a few length of stove pipe, two of which are copper.

I’ve been measuring salvaged windows.  I have almost 3 houses worth.  I plan to use them in like single direction dimension arrays for the sun porch which will keep the cold off the sliding glass door and provide an out of the weather space for the burn chamber of our rocket mass heater.  I have one more stack of windows to measure, then I’ll input all the measurements and sort them according to width or height.

I can use all like dimensions for a single bay . . . say for example I have windows that are 34″ in a single direction.  It doesn’t matter if the window is 70″ or 22″ in the other direction, it will fit in a 34″ bay.  I should have enough windows to build enough bays to go around our small porch area, including the roof.  I don’t want the light reduced in our living space, I just want a buffer to the winter weather.

I’m researching butyl and glazing tapes.   I haven’t got the final details worked out.  I need 2″ glazing tape.  I don’t know if that’s available, but I’ll check.  Then I need 2″ aluminum/butyl rubber tape for the outside seal.  I’ll shop locally if I can.  I’ll try and get into town and see what the hvac place and Eubanks Glass has available.  With some flat head wood screws and some hangers, I should have all I need.   I’ll hang the upper edges on the adjacent buildings and will set the outer edges on a small grade beam/rubble trench foundation.

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