Supporting the reinforcing wire

This shows the fence staple holding the reinforcing wire in place. The post is wrapped with tar paper and the staple is nailed right through the tar paper into the post. It's not nailed in tightly so the fill can wrap fully around the end of the wire.

Because we’re nearly to the top of the reinforcing wire, our next step is to add another section of reinforcing wire above the current layer.  I’ll do that after this course has had a couple days to set up and I can strip off the forms.

This is the last course of eps-crete I can add without putting up some sort of scaffolding to stand on.  That’s a pretty nice milestone!

Today’s mix went really well.  We’re getting better at prepping.  We’ve switched over to using two half-gallon stainless bowls as measures.  They’re easier to fill AND easier to empty and clean.  We’re using one for the wet stuff and one for the dry which simplifies things greatly.  I also pre-measured and pre-mixed the paint and water so I had no waste and no mess during the eps-crete mixing.

Cleanup was much easier today and the bucket of warm soapy water used to wash us up during the build wasn’t needed.  That says a lot for the improvement in our method.  I’m hoping this wasn’t a fluke because last time we did this, it was a mess.

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