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More wall

The first pour is red and four different shades of pink/white. The second pour is a consistent bluish gray.  None of the color will be visible as it all gets a skim coat.  I’m using lime plaster inside the bedroom … Continue reading

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Grinding EPS indoor requires a mask

I did two things yesterday.  I ground 4 large black garbage bags of EPS and I opened old latex paint cans and combined them into a 5 gallon bucket ready for our next spate of wall building. This morning I … Continue reading

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The “real” cost of our EPS-crete wall

The forms in the picture in the previous article would not be sufficient for regular cement but work just fine for EPS-crete.  I built the forms by screwing particle board to the narrow edge of a 2×4 and fastening that … Continue reading

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EPS-crete wall

I’ve got the EPS-crete wall started.  The forms come off today and they get moved up ready for the next layer.  So far, I’m liking both the process and the result.  It’s dead easy to mix, light to shovel, doesn’t … Continue reading

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