Changing the dent

In explaining the nested pods to Wad (venerable spouse) I realized I could improve the design by changing the direction of the dent in the first two pods. The reason the design is improved has to do with sunlight, and which rooms will have light when. To understand, it’s important to understand how the walls tie together.

Dent Highlight

See how the octagon overlaps the adjoining pod? Where the overlap occurs the inset (dented) walls are taller at the center of the inset.

The wall the arrow points at will look like this:

Inset wall

The black line under the windows is where the adjoining pod (the one you’re standing in) roofline will connect. North is up for the images show. With under eaves windows set in the wedges at the top of the inset walls,

Reversed dent

the sun will shine into the kitchen and dining room in the morning, in the living room in the morning and in the living room in the evening.

In the previous layout the sun would shine in the kitchen, master bath, utility room and living room in the evening only. This layout is much better for the use of daylight through the eave windows.

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