Clover House

Clover House

I really like this design. This foyer design is better than the previous three pod design. But as with the previous design there is not enough general space. I could go up another story on one of the pods, but I really want everything on one level.

This plan has some problems. I think this design would be really easy to build, especially working one pod at a time. I absolutely love the central foyer. It gives the home a more formal feel, which isn’t bad.

On the north side of the house is a dead space, though that space could be used for a heater room which would provide heat for the house until the PAHS system is up to speed. Building a heater room there would mean I’d lose the window over my desk (it didn’t look at anything anyway, was just there for ventilation), but I can live with that. I’d just move the window to beside the door out to the deck.

Because I have to think about resale the third pod would need to be used for bedrooms. As a result, this house would lack needed space . . . somewhere to stick the TV and associated addicts (yeah, we’ve got one of those) and there really should be a separate living room from the kitchen/dining room pod. And adding an additional pod can’t be done gracefully with this particular layout.

If I were not having to plan for resale and could build this and have the children’s bedroom pod used for living room, study, etc. instead, this design would rock. Unfortunately, extra bedrooms and a second bathroom is necessary for resale.

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