Just for fun


In doing an internet search on alternative architecture I ran into a website with lots of beautiful organic shapes.  Because what I need is simple, I played with one of the most appealing designs.  If you’re interested, the site is Holistic House Plans.  I really recommend you visit the site and see the beautiful work therein.

My iteration is massively simplified and tiny, just 300 square feet more than we have now.  I’ve found space for a washer and dryer, which is a must, and I do like the feel.  The restrictions of my architectural software don’t allow for truly rounded walls, which is irritating.

Remember in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the full sized chess set that was one of the challenges in getting to the chamber of secrets?  Remember the pawns, what their helmets look like?  That’s vaguely the roof that should go on this house, ridge down the center, softly rounded, peak higher in the front than the back.  A bit like a Chinese hat with a ridge running from the front to the back.  Something very thatched English cottage.  I’m going to try and duplicate the floor plan in SketchUp so I can have truly rounded walls.

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