Still for fun


As you can see, I’m still having fun. I really like curves and shape and when I add them reasonably I really like the result. This house footprint may seem a bit awkward, but it exactly fits where the house needs to go. This probably gives you an idea why I am unable to find an already published house plan that will work.

The left end of the house can grow, the door on the right end exactly faces the parking and is sheltered from weather, the bedroom and kitchen are both in the correct corners. The windows are sheltered from the weather, there are lots of south-facing windows. I’ve got lots of window wall space for my plants.

I’m less certain about the windows on either side of the cook top. That may change.

I’ve done tricky stuff in the bedroom. Instead of one big closet I’ve got a small walk-in for hanging clothes and a huge closet full of shelves for all the rest of our clothing.

1179frontelev1The drawers at the end of the shelf closet will rotate out instead of slide. This maximizes the use of the closet, gives us dresser space for jewelry and underwear, lots of shelf space for outer wear with room on the bottom for shoes. I can put short shelves up over the dresser for storing photo albums, boxes of mementos and personal stuff. With a hanging organizer in the hangers closet we should be all set.

The sliding glass door in the west wall opens out onto the wrap around deck.

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