The Compromise

As with any relationship, there must be compromises.  I’ve finally hit on a design Terry is enthusiastic about and I can live with.  It will suit our needs in the short term and can be expanded gracefully.  An additional bath and bedrooms can be added to the west end.

The compromise

I don’t have things I wanted (separate shower, for one), but I can live with the result.  If we add on I can move the washer and dryer and make that space into a shower.  I’d like to have a separate area for the toilet, but with this design I don’t have enough wiggle room to do that elegantly.

A little tweaking of the design gives me dual sinks in the bathroom and a toilet not visible from either the office or the bedroom (personal peeve).

Going one better

A little bit of a bump in the bathroom with a bit of judicious repositioning and the washer and dryer have their own separate space and I’ve gained additional storage.  By stretching the office a little bit it’s now big enough for my desk and my quilting.

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