Updates to the plan

We currently have a 12’x24′ building we are using as a living room. This building is sandwiched between our Airstream, whose systems are on their very last leg, and a 8’x16′ building we use as a bedroom/office.

We are thinking the best course of action, the most cost effective course of action, will be to get a building permit to move the 12’x24′ up the hill and add a 28’x12′ to it inside the footprint of our proposed house site. We’ll stick the 8’x16′ on the backside to act as a TV room for Terry.

With a small kitchen in one end, and a bathroom and bedroom in the 12’x28′, it gives us a great jumping off point for building our house. It will cost less to get a remodeling permit when it comes time to start our house construction. I can build onto/around it and tear it down as I go.

I’ll set the 12’x28′ with the bathroom over where I need my plumbing for the house’s bathroom. I don’t want to have to live through a bathroom remodel, so I’ll try and get the bathroom footprint as close to the full house plans as possible. I don’t plan to build a permanent floor in the 12’x28′ as I will be using PAHS, so I’ll have to come up with something for flooring I can add onto for the bedroom and still have it look good. The bathroom floor will be concrete.

The building permit will be for a rubble trench foundation with a grade beam. Because the office’s north side foundation will already be in place, it makes sense to build the north wall over the foundation instead of bumping it in.

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