And how was your spring?

An ancient Chinese curse goes something like “may you live in interesting times”.  Uh, yeah, that would be now.  All my fabulous plans for spring and early summer were put on hold by a broken wrist.  From that I can tell you, if you break the body’s slowest healing bone, finding ways to stay entertained without going stir crazy presents its own set of challenges.  Knitting and WoW have filled my days.  Anyone who can take 11 alts to an average level of 40 in 90 days does not have a life.

Now that my wrist is again usable, though still healing and requiring cautious use, I’m tackling projects that will benefit us greatly if I can manage to get them done this summer.

I am setting up for the 400 amp service in the shop.  I pulled the 200 amp meter base we had originally installed but never connected and I am planning the install of the larger meter base.  One 200 amp panel is already installed and I may install the second before inspection . . . I may not.

Next on my list is to clean and service the mortar mixer Wadly so kindly bought me.  It has not been well cared for so will take some work to bring it back to full usability.  I’m hoping a dead blow hammer will break loose the accumulated mortar.  The rubber fins will probably require replacement as well if the condition of the rest of the machine is any indicator.

I have a few advisos to share.  If you’re making a room with glass panels in the ceiling and you’re recycling thermopane panels, make sure only tempered panels are used for the ceiling if you rake snow off the roof.  Secondly, if you have a husband who loves to mow, make SURE he mows with the outlet pointing AWAY from your glass room.  ‘Nough said?

I’ll try to add more as the summer goes.  I have plans.  We’ll see how far I get in getting them implemented.

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