What Terry Likes

This makes Terry happy.  I can’t say it does the same for me.  It would be an awesome straw bale design.

Solar House

There’s a lot to like about this plan.  It’s spacious without being big and it’s sized right for a retiring couple or for use as starter family home.  It can be added onto easily.  The master bathroom has a layout I’ve been wanting to try.  The floor of the bathtub room is tiled and the shower nozzel comes out of the wall so that little room can act as tub enclosure and shower.  I don’t want to have to stand in a tub to take a shower . . .  I still have some tinkering to do with the plans.  I’d like the toilet, tub and shower to all be in the same space so the toilet can be hosed down regularly.  The only really good way to clean a toilet is from a distance with a hose and a long handled brush . . . just my personal opinion, of course.

I like the galley kitchen.  The floor in the greatroom is 10″ higher than anywhere else in the house, which puts the extension of the kitchen counter (bar) at table height for anyone wanting to sit there.  It also puts the people sitting at the bar at eye level with the cook.  Much friendlier . . .  

The roof is saltbox with clerestory windows.  The software I’m using to draft plans can’t make two disconnected roofs to produce a saltbox roof with clerestory windows, so the break/peak dashed line is in totally the wrong place. Imagine there’s a line of windows tucked under the eave up high above the kitchen counter where it meets the bar.  If you look closely you’ll see interior windows high in the walls over the kitchen counters to allow the clerestory light into the bathrooms.  There are also interior windows over the bookshelf at the entrance to the master bedroom and above the entry to the den/living/bedroom.  These two windows are probably very unnecessary . . .

Here’s what I don’t like . . . There’s nowhere for me to quilt unless I take over the den/living/bedroom, which leaves Terry nowhere to put his tv (VERY important).  I can quilt in the greatroom, but quilting is messy at the best of times and I don’t want to get started on a project and then have to put it away.  I’ll never get anything done that way.  There’s too much light in the greatroom to make watching TV feasible, so the tv really needs to go into the den.

I suppose I could put in a loft behind the clerestory windows . . . If I back the loft off so the light can still stream into the kitchen . . . but putting in a loft creates a whole ‘nother set of problems . . . where do you put the stairs?  Then there’s the cost of all the joisting to hold up the loft, the expense of another glue-lam or two to hold up the loft.  <wince>  I’m not enamored of that plan.  It lowers my ceiling height which doesn’t charm me.

I still like my pods best . . . one pod at a time as I can afford it.  I think Terry’s gonna have to suck it up . . . <grin>

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